Ledding Library

Project Info

Ledding Library
Milwaukie, Oregon
20,000 sf
Expected completion 2019
Path to Net Zero

The new Ledding Library will be a 20,000 square foot one-story building on the existing library site in Milwaukie, Oregon. It occupies a unique position at the edge of downtown, between a sensitive natural area, a city park, and City Hall. The design aims to create a civic presence for the library, reflecting its esteemed position in Milwaukie’s history and community, while taking advantage of the unique natural setting. Its form draws inspiration from the natural movement of rivers, bending across the site to capture sweeping views to the neighboring forest and wetlands. Extensive use of wood on both the exterior and interior help to blend the library with the park, creating a warm, welcoming, vibrant atmosphere. The new centralized entry provides easy access to parking and connections to bustling pedestrian pathways, and clearly demarks the children’s and adult sections of the library. The one-story layout is designed for universal access, maximum flexibility, and optimized operational efficiency.

The project aims to be a model of sustainability and environmentally restorative design that enhances the experience of the surrounding landscape and is enrolled in the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Path to Net Zero program.

Sustainable Design Highlights:
Energy modeling indicates that this building will achieve an over 70% energy use reduction from the national library average (CBECS), meeting the 2030 Challenge.

Sustainable strategies include:

  • robust exterior insulation
  • optimized solar access and control
  • a highly-efficient, radiant-slab mechanical system to drive energy demand down
  • a roof-mounted, photovoltaic panel array will generate energy to decrease overall energy use, with the goal of eventually achieving the net-zero benchmark
  • passive cooling via operable windows
  • use of low-emitting materials
  • sensitive stormwater management