James F. Miller Theatre Complex

Project Info

University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
25,000 sf
Completed in February 2009

The James F. Miller Theatre Complex is the first major expansion of theatre facilities at the University of Oregon since the 1949 addition of the Robinson Theatre. The project goal was to provide the Theatre Arts Department the facilities needed for growth in capacity as well as quality of instruction, while unifying the various components of the James F. Miller Theatre Complex and enhancing the fabric of the University campus.

The largest project element is the addition of a studio theatre, the Hope Theatre, to provide a flexible venue for a wide variety of audience and stage relationships. The design for the new studio theatre provides a flexible theatre space where the performance area, seating and lighting can quickly and easily be reconfigured.

An expanded glass lobby opens to both the Hope Theatre and the Robinson Theatre. The lobby design is a transparent portal that welcomes the community and can accommodate a range of events, from ticket sales to pre-show activities, opening night receptions and theater intermissions. In the warmer months, the exterior terraces serve as an extension of the lobby, allowing visitors to flow outside and in to the tree-shaded landscape.

Sustainable Design Highlights:
Sustainable Design Highlights:

  • 90% reuse of the existing building
  • Shading and daylighting with views
  • Energy saving measures result in 26% energy use reduction
  • Water saving measures result in 45% water use reduction
  • Refurbishment and reuse of existing seating

    Certification: State energy efficiency design program (SEED) and designed to LEED Silver equivalent (without certification).
  • Awards

    AIA Portland Chapter Citation Award