The interiors studio represents a new and integral part of design services at Hacker, equally devoted to the deep curiosity, investigation, and listening that’s inherent to our architectural process. We think holistically about design, imagining the human experience of an interior first from the site and surrounding landscape; understanding the sense of place, light and views; and anticipating the intimate moments of feeling the warmth of a beautifully crafted wooden handle, or hearing the sound of footfall on concrete or stone.

Our interior designers are at the table on day one so we can embrace their perspectives and contributions, elevating the work both inside and out. We are a strong group of designers, intentionally diverse in our talents, education, and backgrounds. Hacker’s rigor in design and process extends to our interiors-specific work, such as tenant improvements, interior renovations, and programming.

Our interiors department is led by Jennie Fowler, Director of Interior Design. Read more about Jennie here and here; and view our interiors portfolio.

To contact our Interiors department, send an email to