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Gladstone City Library

Project Info

City of Gladstone, Oregon
18,000 sf

In 2010, Hacker led an Assessment Phase for a new Library planned to serve Gladstone and Oak Lodge in Clackamas County. Hacker worked with the Design Committee, comprised of local citizens, to study a series of options for library placement and program orientation. This required a careful analysis of the site and a clear articulation of the pros and cons of each strategy. The Committee was unanimous in its choices, setting a clear direction for the future development of a new 18,000 sf library.

The new library is nestled gently within its densely forested site, with careful consideration taken to minimize the removal of trees. With scenic views towards Mt. Hood and the surrounding landscape, the building is designed to feel warm and intimate, while possessing a strong connection to the surrounding landscape.

This project was completed through Design Development.