Cruess Hall

Project Info

University of California
Davis, California
22,000 sf
Estimated completion 2018

The renovation of Cruess Hall, situated at the heart of the UC Davis campus, aims to reclaim underutilized, underperforming interior and exterior spaces and transform them into future-forward, inspiring academic environments once more. As home to the Cinema and Digital Media program along with other departments in UC Davis’ Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Sciences program, the goal for this building is to support interdisciplinary learning and community building across different creative programs.

The new Cruess Hall will include a 254-seat lecture hall and an 89-seat lecture hall, both outfitted to serve movie screening needs; conference / breakout space; a wood shop; a metal shop; a maker space; a media lab; and an open lab at the heart of the building that can serve as an all-purpose collaboration and gathering place for students outside the classroom. The renovation also seeks to revitalize an adjacent courtyard to create a more open and inviting greenspace entrance to Cruess Hall.