Bayview Library

Project Info

San Francisco Public Library
9,000 sf
Completed in 2013

San Francisco Public Library’s new Bayview Branch Library replaces the existing 1969 branch library with a new one-story building. The library meets increasing program needs and provides an open, inviting, and secure confluence for this urban community. It is designed around an inner courtyard that brings light and natural ventilation to the center of the building. The light illuminating the corner entry from within serves as a beacon for the neighborhood.

The library design has been inspired by both the multifaceted history of Bayview/Hunters Point and African and African America art and architecture. The exterior includes etched panels with images related to the neighborhood’s history. The floor plan is designed to create distinct areas for adults, teens and children, while maintaining good visibility throughout the building. A community room with an after-hours entry opens up to the children’s area with a large moveable wall, providing an option for larger children’s programs.

Sustainable Design Highlights:
Sustainable Design Highlights:

LEED Gold Certified

  • Proximity to Street Car and bus routes supports alternative modes of transportation
  • High performing envelope construction (rainscreen technology, continuous insulation, 30% window to wall ratio, high-performance glazing)
  • Light colored roofing reduces heat island effect and energy needed for cooling
  • 75% of construction waste recycled
  • 20% materials contain recycled content
  • 20% of materials extracted, processed and manufactured within 500 miles
  • Landscaping with native and adapted species reduces irrigation demand by 50%
  • Green roofs filter and detain stormwater on site
  • Permeable pavers filter and disperse stormwater on site
  • 25kW photovoltaic array generates 22% of the building's energy
  • Clerestories provide daylighting and views throughout the building
  • Innovative natural ventilation strategy addresses outside air filtration and sound attenuation while eliminating mechanical cooling

    The project's water-use reduction is projected to be 40% better than code, and its energy use is reduced by 41%.
  • Awards

    New Landmark Library - Library Journal
    AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Merit Award
    AIA Portland Chapter Sustainability Award